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Recently, I decided I’d like to have a new study bible… something nice with cross references and a detailed concordance. My first stop was the local Christian book store, which had a very nice selection. Every translation, study focus and cover type that you can imagine.

I finally settled on the Life Application Study Bible by Zondervan. The price in the store was $69.99 for the basic bonded leather style. Since they were closing in 5 minutes and I was still unsure which color/style I wanted, I decided to wait on the purchase.

I got home that evening and did a little shopping around online. My first stop was Amazon, mainly to read reviews of the Life Application line and get an idea of what others thought of their study guides. This is always a great place to start, because the reviews are extremely helpful in picking products for yourself.

I did find that the prices were a bit cheaper on Amazon than at the local book store, and even for the genuine leather covers. This sent me off on a search at Google to do some price comparisons. From Google to Froogle to Treasures Christian Books, I found the bible that I was interested in (in beautiful duo-tone European Leather, no doubt) for only $29.99 (yes, brand new).

After 23 minutes of ’shopping around’ I had made a final decision, placed my order… and saved 40 bucks on an even nicer version of the bible I was shopping for! I even got expedited shipping for under $5, and my new bible arrived 2 days later. You simply cant beat that!

It really pays to shop around ;-) ! The next time you’re in the market for something new - check out the reviews on Amazon, do a quick search on Google, and compare prices on Froogle. You’ll be glad you did! And if you’re shopping for a bible yourself, definitely check out Treasures Christian Books - they have incredible deals, cheap shipping and super fast delivery!

I would highly recommend the Zondervan
Life Application Study Bible:

Zondervan NIV Life Application Study Bible