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World news that specifically relates to the Bible, religion, and religious wars. These are current events that affect all of us. Join us here to study the history of these events, the prophecies that relate to them and to discuss the current news.

An Appeal to the SBC Policy

Dr Sam Storms of Enjoying God Ministries writes a two-part appeal to the International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), which is quite interesting. His appeal is in response to their decision to forbid people who “speak in tongues” or use a “private prayer language” from serving as missionaries.

America, Wake Up!

I would urge everyone to pull out their Bibles when watching the world news and search for TRUTH and pray for knowledge and understanding. If we know more about what is going on around us, we know better what to pray for and what types of choices to make. God expects us to watch and be diligent.