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Dating can be a very fun and exciting thing, but before you dive off into it headfirst… there are a few things that Christian Singles should consider.

Unequally Yoked? Christian Marriage Study

Paul urges believers not to form binding relationships with nonbelievers, because this might weaken their Christian commitment or standards. It would be a mismatch. This is where the term unequally yoked came from in regards to marriage. This is sound advice to Christians who are considering marriage - But what about those people who are already married and find themselves unequally yoked?

I Kissed Dating Goodbye

While most Christians agree to seek purity and save sex for marriage, few have been given a blueprint for how that should affect their view of dating and love. In I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joshua Harris exposes the “Seven Habits of Highly Defective Dating” and offers a realistic outline of how to have a biblical vision of marriage.

True Love

People who try to control love, or have control over love, do not experience the rewards of true love. It seems there is much evidence of this in our world today. Of people who ‘love in vain’, misrepresent love, or fool others with false love…