Lynn TerryEntries and Bible Study notes, as well as commentary on current religious news, is authored and/or edited by Lynn Terry. The purpose of is to share studies, devotionals, reviews, world news and events of interest to Christians everywhere.

Your comments - and even questions or corrections - are welcomed. Feel free to leave a comment on any of the entries made here at BibleNewz. You may also email Lynn directly at

Note from Lynn:

Hi and welcome! I appreciate your interest in the site, and hope to hear from you. My main goal with BibleNewz is to share some of the wonderful things I am learning from the Bible myself, and to offer some ideas for everyday application.

While I have studied the bible in the past, I am now reading again with renewed interest and studying the Word in depth. I am learning something new and exciting every day, which inspires the entries here in my Online Bible Study Journal.

Along with my studies and personal reflections, I have also added current events and world news (along with scripture references) for open discussion.

My current goal is to READ the bible, to understand the teachings within their context and to learn the history. I desire to learn the whole truth in the Word, and understand precisely how it should be applied in my life as a Christian. 

Some days I get so excited about what I discover or learn that I want to share it with anyone that will listen! Posting my studies here gives me an opportunity to do that… and to witness Truth to those who are looking for it.


My Bible:

I recently purchased a Zondervan Life Application Study Bible (NIV Version) from Treasures Christian Books. One of my study partners has a Nelson Personal Study Bible (NKJV) which I also enjoy very much - there is some great information in the back on Biblical Archaeology. I also refer to a King James Version of the bible during my studies as well, and use the for online reference.

My next purchase is a Scofield KJV Study Bible and the New Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. I am open to personal recommendations on study material and resources as well, so feel free to email me directly at .


About Me:

I find the history of religion fascinating, and am learning all that I can with as open a mind as possible. I am open to hearing from people from all areas of the world, of any race or religion, and look forward to making new friends as a result.

I am a basic protestant Christian living in the United States. I have considered myself “non-denominational” most of my adult years, but am currently an active member at Northside Baptist Church here in Tennessee.

I believe in the diety and supremacy of Jesus Christ, that he is our Lord and Savior, and that by him we may enter the kingdom of God.

I am a single mother in my early thirties, and work from home full time in web development. I’m just an “all american single mom” who is working for a living and trying to raise children in a crazy world…