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Psalm 139

God is omnipresent - he is present everywhere. Because of this, you can never be lost to his Spirit. No matter what we do or where we go, we can never be far from God’s comforting presence…

Is Jesus God?

Many people feel confused about the identity of Jesus Christ, whether or not Jesus is God, and what the word trinity means exactly. In this Bible Study, I’ll address the question: Is Jesus God?

The Names of Jesus

In different settings, Jesus gave himself names that pointed to special roles he was ready to fulfill for people. Some of these refer back to the Old Testament promises of the Messiah. Others were ways to help people understand him…

Baptism in Jesus Name

There is a debate between some denominations as to how water baptism should be conducted. Specifically that some baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit while others believe wholeheartedly that we should only baptize in the name of Jesus…

Mysteries of the Bible

Have you ever wondered why the bible isnt just 5 or 10 pages long? Aside from all of the history it contains, of course - couldnt the salvation plan and the requirements for good Christian living be laid out much more simply? Instead, the bible speaks in parables and mysteries and leaves many people confused with interpretations. Wouldnt it be nice if it were just given to us in an easy-to-understand list, much like the ten commandments?

Prayer & Learning How to Pray

232 pages of solid Scripture-based teaching that will help you to know the Word of God in regards to prayer and praying. You will find specific instructions on how to pray to God, the way that God intended. This is a life-changing book that will forever change the way that you pray, and the results that you experience from prayer!

Jesus’ Name

Jesus name carries authority in heaven and on earth. Jesus gave us specific instructions about the use of his name in his teachings, and the apostles continued that teaching throughout the New Testament. The New Testament represents a New Covenant - one where anyone can approach the throne of God, through Jesus…

TGIS - What a Great Sunday!

One of my closest friends stayed over last night, and as we were getting ready for church this morning I said TGIS! with a big smile. She laughed and said what’s that? And I said, Thank God it’s Sunday! I’ve been looking forward to this all week. We both laughed because we knew that it wasnt very long ago that either one of us might have said TGIF! instead - glad for the weekend so we could get out and have some fun. It’s amazing how God can change you from the inside out, in the blink of an eye…

Trinity Doctrine

Doctrine of the Trinity

One God
The Father is God
The Son is God
The Holy Spirit is God
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three persons (i.e., they are not each other, nor are they impersonal; they relate to one another personally)

Source: The Biblical Basis of the Doctrine of the Trinity 

Tough Love

We are God’s children. Imagine how our own children grieve us with their opposition and negative behavior. How it tears our hearts out that we can invest years of our time and energy… to have them tell us or show us that it meant nothing to them. Imagine loving your child more than anything else on this earth, but knowing there is nothing at all that you can do to help them.

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